GODS – Unnatural

GODS – Unnatural (official video)
A Video by Carolina Padilla Villarraga/ Daniel Desiderio Paéz Castillo
Music by GODS gods.fm
Art Director & Set Design by Beatriz Morales
Graphics by Laloma.info
Set Film by Elias Candolini / Big Mouse Productions / Bert Walser
Footage by Carolina Padilla Villarraga / Beatriz Morales / Daniel Desiderio Paéz Castillo
Berlin 2014



For this project an image sequence was linearly mounted, where characters and scenarios referred directly to the song.
We worked with aim to approach the concept of idealized love, then filter and regroup with digital intervention.

This video is the result of a search for intentional errors in the images, like the described love in the song, forced to be part of a aestheticized scene.





It was interesting to see, that this way of developing an idea made it possible that a project could always have an open and experimentally end, allowing to change the course of the storyline completely while developing if necessary.




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